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Terry Baltes

Terry Baltes

Terry Baltes is a graduate of The Ohio State University. Terry Baltes attended Ohio State from 1969 to 1972 and graduated with a Bachelor of Science triple degree in the areas of Real Estate, Marketing, and Finance. Terry Baltes’ degree path was difficult due to the demands of three combined degree programs, but Terry Baltes feels that his degrees have adequately prepared him to practice real estate as a career and were worth the effort.

Terry Baltes's Background

Terry Baltes's Experience

Founder at Founder of Baltes Commercial Realty

September 1977 - Present | Centerville, Ohio, USA

Terry Baltes has a truly impressive history of hotel sales in the midwestern region and has sold more hotels in the area than any other broker. So far in June 2013, Terry Baltes has already sold four hotels in the state of Ohio. He also currently has an additional 30 listings across the Midwest. Terry Baltes’ company, Baltes Commercial Realty, Ltd, offers hotel listings across a number of states, including Ohio, Kansas, Louisiana, Indiana, and West Virginia.

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